ACC Articles

ACC Improving your Home Value -What is  the ACC – September 2020
by Don Hale, Cathy Sheehan and Sheryl Stroh

What is the ACC?  It is the Architectural Control Committee! It consists of three of your neighbors backed by the duly elected Board of Directors.  It is their responsibility to enforce the Shadow Brook Homeowners Association’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). These are mutually beneficial rules designed to protect the owners of Shadow Brook homes.  Enforcement of these CC&Rs ensures the appropriate maintenance of our properties and enhances the value of all our homes.  It is the goal of the ACC to be open, friendly and transparent and make this a better neighborhood for all of us.

Over the 50 years since Shadow Brook was designed and developed, there have been many changes.  Roofs are no longer wood shake; but they have been replaced by improved and more sustainable roofing materials that maintain the original look of Shadow Brook.

As climate change brought long term drought to our area, we have modified landscaping rules to allow and encourage drought tolerant plants.  Updated paint colors still strive to maintain the original feel of our neighborhood.  (continues on page 2)

We are sure that many of you have looked at other  neighborhoods near Shadow Brook and have seen RV’s parked in the street, cars being dismantled and worked on in the driveways, cars parked on what used to be a lawn, lawns dead or dying with not much left than dirt and weeds,  or even neighborhood houses replaced by McMansions.

Your ACC is here to make sure that Shadow Brook does not start to degrade and continues to be one of the most desirable  neighborhoods in San Jose. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

If you are planning to do any exterior remodeling, new construction, landscaping, exterior painting, etc., please contact your ACC to get approval.

ACC and Landscaping – October 2020 Splasher
by Don Hale, Cathy Sheehan and Sheryl Stroh

A beautiful  well maintained yard and home are mutually beneficial to each homeowner and to our entire neighborhood. To help preserve the high standards of Shadow Brook, there are provisions in our CCR’s that apply, among other issues, to landscaping, driveways, fences and walkways.  A brief summary of these guidelines is below.

  • No completely bare soil or dirt.
  • No substantial areas of dead grass or weed patches.
  • No bare soil or dirt can be evident where decorative rock or bark is being used.
  • Landscaping should not obstruct the sidewalk, or street, either vertically or horizontally.
  • All fencing shall be maintained in a structurally sound condition and the color, style and material must be approved by the ACC.
  • No driveway or entry walkway may be surface-painted any color.
  • Integrated color concrete driveways and entry walkways may be allowed if approved by the ACC.
  • Any landscape lighting other than traditional low voltage landscape lighting is to be approved by the ACC.
  • Weed block material is to be covered completely such that it does not show through the landscape material (e.g. decorative bark, mulch, rocks or grass).
  • Parking strip (area between sidewalk and street) is to be maintained on all sides of property that have a parking strip— even if it’s on the other side of your fence.

Please remember, if you are making any significant changes to your front landscaping plan — tree removal, drought landscaping, fencing changes, hardscape modifications or additions, major change to your current plan — you need to submit an ACC request form. This form should be accompanied by  a diagram of your proposal including measurements if applicable. That form, as well as detailed information on the above referenced items can be found at   We encourage you to check out the new information we have in our ACC tab. We have added information and links from the City of San Jose that could be helpful as you plan your project. All  proposals must comply with City Code.

We walk through our neighborhood doing property checks. If you see someone with a clipboard, binder or iPad, come out and say hi. We’d love to meet you!