Food Trucks Return January 13 and again February 10

Help small businesses and you don’t have to cook on Wednesday!!

We appreciate the feedback from neighbors that they enjoyed our Food Truck Wednesdays and having a break from cooking!.  So mark your calendars for the second Wednesdays of the month, January 13 and February 10, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  More dates will be added if the interest continues. The food trucks will be parked by the pool on Orangebrick Way.

Unless indicated, the trucks are able to accept online orders and payment. They are all in compliance with the Santa Clara County Public Health Social Distance Protocol Home Page – Social Distancing Protocol Search.

We are all concerned about COVID-19 safety. So please do your part by:

  1. Pre-ordering and pre-paying using the links below.  This will minimize contact time and speed up service,
  2. Wear your masks
  3. Maintain 6+ feet distance while waiting in line.  We will have the sidewalks marked off but hope the waits will not be too long. If the sidewalk isn’t marked off, use your best judgement to maintain 6+ feet distance.

January 13 Food Trucks

Crepe ‘Em Coming:  If you made any New Year’s resolution about your diet, here’s a truck with fresh homemade taste.  Check out their savory and sweet crepes.  So many options – have fun making your choice!

To order from Crepe ‘Em Coming click here  and then:

  1. Select desired items from the menu
  2. When finished selecting items, in the Shopping Cart popup window, at the bottom, select “Change” and select Shadow Brook Swim Club as your pickup location and click “Done”
  3. Then click “Checkout” (this should be active by Monday January 11)
  4. Fill out your Name and Number and click “Next”
  5. Select desired time to pick up your order (be sure to show up on time since the items are freshly made)
  6. Fill out payment information, review, and submit order
  7. Come to the Pick-Up window at the Food Truck when you are ready to pick up your food and let them know your name and they will hand you your food.
  8. If you have problems, call Crepe ‘Em Coming at 1-208-404-4758

Falafel Fresh:  If you love falafels, you need to try this truck.  Chef Ibrahim says he makes the best falafels and invites you to tell him if anyone else makes it better.   Have you had zaatar or curious about it?  Then add a  mana or two to your order.  Chef Ibrahim orders his from Lebanon  because he says they have the best herbs. The gyros and shawarmas are also delicious. If you used to go to the Sunday Farmer’s Market at the Via Valiente/old PW Shopping Center, you may remember their booth before they started their food truck.   And yes, their sons were 2013 and 2017 Leland Grads!

To order from Falafel Fresh click here  and then  when the locations of Falafel Fresh come up, click on the 1079 Shadow Brook Drive address, then click on “See Menu”.  Then select the items you want, add to cart and when completed go to the checkout and pay.

February 10: 

Lemongrass Lane:  If you have never tasted lemongrass before, this is a wonderful opportunity to try some delicious Cambodian dishes.  Lemongrass has a distinctive and nice lemon/lemon-mint aroma that is often used in Southeast Asian cuisine.  Don’t miss this opportunity to try something new or again as we don’t have any Cambodian restaurants in Almaden Valley.  And don’t forget to add some really delicious eggrolls to your order.

Falafel Fresh: Chef Ibrahim says he makes the best falafels and invites you to tell him if anyone else makes it better.  So far, from first hand reports that we have heard, our neighbors agree with him.  Have you had zaatar or curious about it?  Then add a mana or two to your order.  Chef Ibrahim orders his from Lebanon, because he says they have the best herbs.  The gyros, shawarmas and French fries are also delicious.  As are his desserts.

Grillzillas, The Dudes Sandwich Makers:  Calling all burger lovers! Grillzillas is coming back again.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you are missing out on their big, juicy burgers.  And jus FYI: Their onion rings are DA Bomb!


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