Pool Project 2018

If you have questions about the project, please email president@nullshadowbrook.org

May Update
All main construction and remodel work has been completed.  The Board hosted a grand opening for Shadow Brook Homeowners on Friday, May 25 where over 50 residents had an opportunity to see the pool prior to opening day.  A few items such as minor electrical and networking installation remain.  The pool is operational and swim team has been practicing for a few weeks.
April Update
Key progress has been made including final piping and rebar was completed.  Shadow Brook also passed crucial inspections.  We are regulated by both the county and city which means permits need to be approved by both entities as well as all inspections.  The first inspection pertained to Drainage on the site and we passed both county and city inspections.  The second inspection was Pre-Deck which pertains to the final work prior to pouring of cement.  This includes proper bonding and rebar work.  Both county and city inspections were passed.
The project has benefited from great weather overall but the recent rains impacted our pouring of concrete.  Pouring of cement is set to begin April 17.  We are on track for our May opening.


Pool Facility Project Update

The pool facility remodel project is on schedule and going well.  We broke ground in February and are on track for an April opening.  A Conditional Permit was obtained to begin removing the arbor/trellis and all items attached to the concrete. A Conditional Permit was also obtained for the demolition of the concrete. Final plans were submitted to the city and county and have subsequently been approved. We have since passed two inspections and have one more to go prior to Final Inspection and sign off.

Post Demolition  Once the existing concrete was demoed and hauled away, the site was excavated.  This included removing existing drain pipes under the deck and preparing the site for new drainage piping, electrical conduits and installation of cabling throughout the facility.  The site was surveyed and leveled in preparation for bedrock and proper drainage.

What’s New  Due to city and county code, many upgrades are being done.  There will be new metal gates with appropriate hardware at the entrance as well as the back gate near the kitchen.  New pool skimmers were installed and new markers will be placed indicating pool depth levels.  A new pool deck drainage system and piping has been completed.  Two new gazebos will replace the wood trellis/arbor.  New pool lights and all wiring have been installed. All benches will be replaced.

Budget  Shadow Brook is still within the original budget at this time.  The project has balanced cost and quality and decisions will continue to be made with the future in mind.  An example of this is the pool lights.  Several had to be replaced and we decided to replace all of them with LED lighting while the wiring was exposed.  Another example is moving the above ground wiring underground.  Access points for electrical and low voltage were expanded throughout the facility for future growth.

Opening  The Board will be hosting a soft-opening/dedication for Homeowners as this is the 50th year for Shadow Brook.  Details will follow in a Splasher and on the website.

Please feel free to contact me or the Board with any questions.

Patrick Smith