Swim Session Sign Up Procedure

Shadow Brook Swim Club will begin family zone and lap swimming on Wednesday, July 1st. You may reserve forty five minute sessions during the week and one hour sessions on weekends for family swim. Lap swim in the evening hours are sessions of thirty minutes. Here is a link to show you what zones, times and areas are available for reservations.  Reservations are for Homeowners in good standing and current Associate Members. No guests will be allowed at this time. Here is a checklist of what to expect when you arrive at the pool.

Reservations can be made beginning the Sunday of the week you would like to swim. Reservations may be made up to a week in advance or the day before you would like to swim. Same day reservations will not be taken. To make a reservation, please call the pool at 408-997-3871 and leave a message with your name, membership number, address, & the date and time you would like to reserve . An employee will verify your membership and call you back with a confirmation.

Please arrive in your swim gear as there will be no changing area available. You will need to bring your mask and Membership Card. Upon arrival for your reserved time, you will be asked to wait outside the gate on a colored dot. You must wear a mask until you enter the water. If you do not have a mask, you will not be admitted to the facility. This is for the safety of our patrons as well as our employees. Once you are allowed access to the pool, please follow the arrows to your assigned zone where you can place your things.

Upon completion of your swim, you will gather your things and exit at the rear of the facility behind the kitchen.

If at any time you need to use the restroom, you will need to secure your mask and ask an employee to unlock the restroom for use.

Attached are the zones available for reservation.

Pool Zones For 2020 Season
Patron Checklist 2020

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