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Even with all the various COVID restrictions that occurred in the last year, we have strived to keep the pool opened as much as possible for both your exercise and recreational needs.  About a year ago we all faced these pandemic times and with the closing of the Cabana Swim League activities and questions whether the Shadow Brook pool would open again that year, the Shadow Brook Board offered a one-time opportunity for 2020 Associate Members to get a refund of the 2020 dues and still remain on the list for 2021 membership.  Shadow Brook lost almost 60% of the Associate Members.

We were able to open the pool with many limitations in the Summer so those Associate Members remaining got some pool time during the Summer and even into the Fall with limited hours.

When 2021 arrived we offered a new type of Associate Membership for the “off” seasons.  We were able to open the pool in the Winter and Spring  with limited hours and no lifeguards but still maintain COVID safety procedures.  Several Associate Members took advantage of the Associate Winter Membership to use the Shadow Brook pool in February and March.  We are also offering an Associate Spring Membership for the period of April and up to mid-May when the Sharks Swim Team practice starts.  For more information on the Associate Spring Membership click on the 2021 Associate Spring Membership tab.

In 2021 the Shadow Brook Board held off sending out invoices for the 2021 Summer season since we were not positive as to the Cabana League and Sharks Swim Team plans.  In March we learned that there will be a Cabana League Swim Operation with limitations and that the Sharks would be working with the Almaden Riptide operation for a joint season.  For more information click on the Sharks Tab.

Thus we are now offering all Associate Members from 2020 (both those who got a refund and those who remained Associate Members) a chance to sign up as 2021 Associate Summer Members.  For more information click on the 2021 Associate Summer Membership tab.

Due to COVID Public Health restrictions and changes we have delayed sending out the Associate Members invoices earlier until the restrictions planned for Summer are more understood and also until after the Sharks Swim Season was finalized.  Now that the Sharks Swim Season plans are know it is time for the invoices to be distributed.  For more information about the Sharks Swim Season, click here.

We know that many Associate Members children are usually members of the Shadow Brook Sharks Swim Team.  For the 2021 Swim Season the Shark Swim Team program will run in partnership with Almaden Riptide’s swim club.  Note the following regarding Associate Members and the Swim Team:

  • To be allowed in the 2021 Season Virtual Meets as a Shadow Brook Shark, you must be either a Shadow Brook member or Associate Summer Member
  • Associate Members must pay their 2021 Associate Summer Member invoice before registering for the Sharks Swim Team, no refunds
  • Associate Members and their family will have regular social and pool swim access similar to previous Summer seasons to the extent that is is allowed under COVID County and State orders and mandates.
  • Summer Swim Season is from Memorial Day Saturday (May 29) through Labor Day, plus at September weekends
  • If you decline to register as Shadow Brook’s Associate Summer Membership, either with Swim Team participation or without, your Associate Membership status will end and you will need to re-apply for membership through the Shadow Brook Wait List process for eligibility for membership in future years.
  • We require you to complete your Associate Summer Membership before March 26 so we can open up to the waitlist before the Swim Team deadline.
  • Information can be found at the Swim Team 2021 Season Letter.

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