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Food Trucks
March 10
Food Trucks
April 14
More Food Trucks May 12

Food Trucks will be at the pool on March 10

Help small businesses and you don’t have to cook on Wednesday!!

We appreciate the feedback from neighbors that they enjoyed our Food Truck Wednesdays and having a break from cooking!.  So mark your calendars for the second Wednesdays of the month, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm.  The next Wednesday Night Social Food Truck event is on Wednesday, March 10.  More dates will be added if the interest continues. The food trucks will be parked by the pool on Orangebrick Way.

Unless indicated, the trucks are able to accept online orders and payment. They are all in compliance with the Santa Clara County Public Health Social Distance Protocol Home Page – Social Distancing Protocol Search.

We are all concerned about COVID-19 safety. So please do your part by:

  1. Pre-ordering and pre-paying using the links below.  This will minimize contact time and speed up service,
  2. Wear your masks
  3. Maintain 6+ feet distance while waiting in line.  We will have the sidewalks marked off but hope the waits will not be too long. If the sidewalk isn’t marked off, use your best judgement to maintain 6+ feet distance.

March 10

Waffle Amore: Have you ever tasted a food and felt yourself transported in time and space to the old country where life was simpler?  A flavor of home.  A flavor of comfort.  At Waffle Amore they create waffles using he finest, freshest ingredients.  Owner Judy Vandoorne took her obsession with waffles to the only place truly known for making waffles an art — Belgium.

Aki-Ta Sushi: Akita Gourmet creates handmade sushi rolls, poke bowls, and more classic favorites.



Falafel Fresh: Chef Ibrahim says he makes the best falafels and invites you to tell him if anyone else makes it better.  So far, from first hand reports that we have heard, our neighbors agree with him.  Have you had zaatar or curious about it?  Then add a mana or two to your order.  Chef Ibrahim orders his from Lebanon, because he says they have the best herbs.  The gyros, shawarmas and French fries are also delicious.  As are his desserts.

April 14: TBA