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Food Trucks are Back!!  Wednesday October 28

Wednesday Night Social – Food Trucks

Our first Wednesday Night Social Food Truck event on October 14 was a great success and the trucks did very well.  The food trucks really appreciated your support.  Thus we are anxious to have another Food Truck event before Winter and Standard Time return.  Come out for our final Food Truck event of the year on Wednesday October 28.  We have four wonderful Food Trucks coming to Shadow Brook for this event.

They are all in compliance with the Santa Clara County Public Health Social Distance Protocol Home Page – Social Distancing Protocol Search.  In addition, the trucks will be socially distanced to limit crowds.

We are taking advantage of our nice weather to have another event Wednesday, October 28 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m..  The Food Trucks coming on the 28th include Aki-Ta Sushi, and Mister Softee, plus Grillzillas the Dudes Sandwich Maker and Falafel Fresh will be back.    You will be able to pre-order and pre-pay for the food trucks or do the old fashioned walk up, order and pay.  Mister Softees does not accept pre-orders.  We will have more information here in the next day or two.  Please remember to wear your masks and socially distance at the trucks.

Aki-Ta Sushi, Grillzillas and Falafel Fresh will be located along Orangebrick next to the pool.  Mister Softee will be in the swim club parking lot.

We are all concerned about COVID-19 safety. So please do your part by:

  1. Pre-ordering and pre-paying using the links below.  This will minimize contact time and speed up service,
  2. Wear your masks
  3. Maintain 6+ feet distance while waiting in line.  We will have the sidewalks marked off but hope the waits will not be too long. If the sidewalk isn’t marked off, use your best judgement to maintain 6+ feet distance.

Akita Sushi: This truck uses the  freshest sushi grade fish for their sushi. They create handmade sushi rolls, poke bowls, and more classic favorites!  Poke and/or chirashi bowl lovers will love theirs   If you are not a fan of fish, their chicken teriyaki plate or bento box will hit the spot for you.  So many choices, you’ll want one of each, I know I do! Be sure to select Akita Sushi at 1079 Shadow Brook Drive before you place your order.  When you complete your order they will tell you when you can pick it up on Wednesday.  If you have problems their phone is 408-930-5242

NOTE: At this site if the menu does not show up for Shadow Brook right away, you will have to click on “Switch order details” and then in the popup screen go to the bottom where it says “Akita Gourmet DBA – Akita Sushi” with the 1079 Shadow Brook Drive address, and then click “See menu” and you will see the menu and can order.

Akita Sushi Menu and Pre-ordering for Shadow Brook

Falafel Fresh: If you love falafels, you need to try this truck.  Chef Ibrahim says he makes the best falafels and invites you to tell him if anyone else makes it better.   Have you had zaatar or curious about it?  Then add a  mana or two to your order.  Chef Ibrahim orders his from Lebanon  because he says they have the best herbs. The gyros and shawarmas are also delicious. If you used to go to the Sunday Farmer’s Market at the Via Valiente/old PW Shopping Center, you may remember their booth before they started their food truck.   And yes, their sons were 2013 and 2017 Leland Grads! You can order and pay online.  Clicking on the link below takes you directly to the Falafel Fresh ordering page.  Be sure to select Falafel Fresh at 1079 Shadow Brook Drive before you place your order.  When you complete your order they will tell you when you can pick it up on Wednesday.  If you have problems their phone is 707-486-3638.

Falafel Fresh Menu and Pre-ordering for Shadow Brook

Grillzillas The Dudes Sandwich Maker: You will love sinking your teeth into their tasty juicy burgers.   Or if you prefer, how about chicken fingers or a veggie burger? Or how about a nice salad? And if you like onion rings, you have to try theirs and throw in an order of their crispy seasoned crisscut fries while you’re at it.  You will love their menu.  You can order and pay online.  Clicking on the link below will take you automatically to Grillzillas special Shadow Brook ordering page.  They will assign a Wednesday pick up time on your ordering page.  If you have problems their phone is 408-300-4168.

Grillzillas Menu and Pre-Ordering for Shadow Brook

Mister Softees: Remember listening for the ice cream truck that used to drive through your childhood neighborhood?  We’re going to do you one better.  Mister Softee will be in our pool parking lot near Orangebrick Way  during our Food Truck Wednesday so you won’t have to go chasing around looking for the truck.  They accept cash, credit cards and Apple/Android Pay.   Come and enjoy a mid-week sweet treat.

Mister Softee Menu (they do not have preordering or prepay so order and pay from truck)

So enjoy an evening without cooking.  Come out and pick up your food to take home for the family.  Please remember to practice social distancing.  Thanks to the Shadow Brook Social Committee for arranging a great event.