Our Kitchen

The kitchen and BBQ are closed for the season. Disinfectant wipes will be available and everyone is encouraged to wipe down tables and chairs before and after use.

In order to keep this wonderful shared facility clean, we need everyone’s cooperation. Thank you in advance for your help!

Kindly adhere to the following guidelines when cleaning up after an event (whether it is a private rental or if you are on clean up duty for a Shadow Brook function):

  1. Counter tops must be clear of all items.
  2. All surfaces must be wiped down with cleaner (counter, sink, table, etc.).
  3. Absolutely no open foodstuffs can be left anywhere in the kitchen. Even a few hours can ensure an invasion (we had a short and nasty battle with ants when someone left an open bag of chips on the counter).
  4. All your food must by removed from the refrigerator after your event.
  5. Please sweep out the kitchen and mop if necessary.
  6. Throw away all garbage into one of the outside garbage containers. If they are full, please make use of the dumpster in the pool parking lot. Please use recycle bins for glass, cans and plastic bottles.
  7. All decorations, etc. should be removed and disposed of at the end of an event.
  8. Absolutely no children under the age of 14 are allowed in the kitchen.
  9. Due to health regulations masks must be worn by all in the kitchen.

Residents may have access to the kitchen facilities on a per-use basis with prior approval of the Pool Manager. A waiver and signed contract must be completed with the Pool Manager. Planned, scheduled events ALWAYS have priority.

The BBQ grills may be used by any resident. Please see Pool Manager for assistance.

* If you are planning a Shadow Brook Swim Club event you may be allowed to store sealed or non-perishable items in the kitchen with prior approval.

If the kitchen has been left in poor condition, please report this immediately to our Pool Manager or the VP Pool