Red Bow Brigade and Holiday Trees

A Big Shout Out to the 2020 Red Bow Brigade Volunteers
We treed, we bowed, we de-bowed
by Lydia McClure

We had 84 holiday trees staked and lit in the neighborhood.  There were multiple first-time yard tree participants and many who stepped up to fund or put-up trees to brighten dark sections of our neighborhood providing light and caring to some of our homebound neighbors. Many thanks to the neighbors who helped with orders, stacking, counting, pickup, and rescheduling delivery of the trees.  It was a late night but we got it done.

There were tree heroes: Nancy Matthews, Cathy Sheehan, Colleen Kimmel and I would like to recognize:  Plan B Organizer/Dispatch and tree staker:  Christopher Nichols.  Best “get ‘er done” trucker award:  Toni Bennett and Jody Tempel clean up run in a borrowed pickup.   Most organized trucker: Jim Mason, who kept a detailed proof of delivery log and made the last run

The Red Bow Brigade hung 563 red bows on street trees, lampposts, sign poles and anything else that wasn’t moving.

It was a pleasure to work with the following Shadow Brook families including new residents and Red Bow Brigade veterans: Bennett, Burk, Ciciarelli, Gutierrez, Hale, Heid, Howe, Kimmel, Lin, Lu, Martin, Mason, Moreno, Morrison, Nickel, Ping, Shan, Stroh, and Zanegeh.

Red Bow Brigade heroes:

  • Lotta Bows:  Jim and Angela Mason hung over 275 bows on 6 streets including most of Bret Harte Drive
  • Donors:  Donna Zangeneh and Nancy Matthews donated 140 replacement red bows and wire
  • Red Bow Take Down Superstars:  Katie Ciciarelli leading the Ciciarelli and Burk rapid de-bow team

The Red Bow Brigade is an effort of neighborhood volunteers committed to making our neighborhood a special community for the holidays.  Nancy and I started the Red Bow Brigade with Mary Morrison because the bows made us smile.  I hope the efforts of your neighbors brought a smile to your face.  If you are interested in volunteering or supporting please let us know.

Bows and Trees throughout Shadow Brook this year

We have all enjoyed the Red Bows and Holiday Street Trees throughout our neighborhood this year.  Great thanks to the Red Bow Brigade and all their hard work.  Also to Lydia McClure, Cathy Sheehan and Colleen Kimmel for organizing this Shadow Brook tradition.

Below is a sample of the many decorated Charlie Brown street trees.  With all the lights and ornaments they certainly don’t look like Charlie Brown trees anymore!  Walk around our neighborhood and enjoy all of the Holiday Lights, Red Bows and the Street Trees adorning Shadow Brook.

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