Party Rental Info

Reserved Parties: During regular pool hours, Members & Associates MUST visit the pool office to reserve an area for a party and MUST receive PRIOR APPROVAL per the current reservation process (see below). Parties are limited to 30 people (including the host) and four hours with an hourly charge of $70 (Paid via Condo Control store. See payment instructions).

RESERVATIONS: Please follow the steps below to schedule a party.

  • Please DO NOT PAY via Condo Control until you have visited the Pool office, confirmed space availability, and received approval.
  • Cancellation: refunds will be provided if your Party is canceled at least 7 days prior. A $20 cancellation service fee will be deducted from any refund.
  1. Download and complete the Party Rental Form.
  2. Bring the completed reservation form and your $300 deposit check to the pool during regular business hours.
  3. A Pool Manager will contact you once your party has been approved or denied. (Please note your party is not confirmed until you have received a phone call from a manager.)
  4. Once your Party has been approved, log into Condo Control and complete the payment process under the tab STORE.
  5. A Pool Manager will contact you either by phone or email to confirm your Condo Control payment has been received and you are on the schedule.


A deposit of $300 – checks only please – is required and will be returned upon approval from pool personnel (returned if kitchen, BBQs, and area are left in good order and all of the policies have been followed – please see Kitchen Guidelines for details).

EVERYONE should review and make themselves familiar with the Shadow Brook Pool Rules.

The safe enjoyment of the pool and the surrounding club area is of the utmost concern to the Pool Staff and the Board of Directors. Every effort will be made to amicably resolve policy issues that may arise, but should there be lingering questions, please direct your concerns to the Pool Manager or President.