Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Welcome to the ACC webpage from the newly appointed ACC members.  We are a committee of 3 of your neighbors selected by the Board of Directors to whom we report.  We think of ourselves as a team and you, the homeowner, are a part of that team.

It is the ACC’s responsibility to enforce the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) which are mutually beneficial rules designed to protect the Shadow Brook homeowners and to enhance our property values.  We realize that not everyone is aware of the CC&Rs and the associated requirements regarding property maintenance and refurbishing.  Our goal is to help you understand the CC&Rs as well as the ACC Related Rules in an open, friendly and transparent manner.

Prior to any change to the appearance of the exterior of your home including, but not limited to landscaping, hardscaping, roofing, remodeling, painting, or siding, you must contact the ACC at by submitting the ACC Request Form.  For paint, hardscaping, landscaping, siding, or roofing projects, please submit the Request Form at least two (2) weeks prior to the start date of the work and at least 30 days prior for exterior construction projects.

ACC and Shadow Brook Documents

City of San José

While the ACC primary duties focus on the Shadow Brook CC&Rs, there are the City of San José regulations that apply to all our homes and which serve as the basis for our rules.  For more information on the following, click on the link.

City of San José Driveway and Sidewalk permit for single family residential homes

City of San José Fence and Retaining Wall Requirements

City of San José front setback paving ordinance brochure

City of San José tree removal on private property information and permit

Resources that may be of help in addressing issues

With the San JosĂ© 311 website or mobile app, it’s now quick and easy to file and track a City service request.

San José Help page to help report problems to City of San José

San José Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department

Shadow Brook ACC Team Members

  • Annette Coffey
  • Don Nickel
  • Sheryl Stroh