Pool Access for Adult Lap Swimmers- Members and Year-Round Associates

Swimmers must sign a Lap Swim Waiver of Liability for use of the Pool at all times when lifeguards are not present at the Pool.

** A Waiver is not required if you only intend to use the pool during regular Summer Season hours when Lifeguards are present – essentially the hours of 1 to 8/9 pm, 7-days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day plus Saturdays and Sundays in September. **

By signing the Lap Swim Waiver, you will attest to the use of the pool when no Lifeguards are present. Access during this time is limited to Member Families and Year Round Associates immediate household members in good standing and is limited to those age 18 and above. No guests or extended family members are allowed.

Prior to the first entry, every swimmer will be required to submit the Shadow Brook lap swim request form and sign a 2023 – WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY for pool use when no lifeguard is present. Please follow the directions on the form, complete the waiver, and submit the waiver to vppool@nullshadowbrook.org. After your waiver has been processed you will receive an email detailing how to activate your personal BRIVO pass. Please plan ahead as it may take several days for your Waivers to be processed by your voluntary Board members.

After receiving and activating your BRIVO pass, each person entering must use their own BRIVO pass, even when coming in with other members who have filled out their waivers, even in the same family. Do not let anyone come in with you without their own pass. Violating this rule will result in the suspension of your pass. Violating this rule will result in the suspension of your pass.