Homeowner Invoices

Due to a mistake at the mailing house, there was a delay in sending out our Homeowner Membership Invoices. Please note that we have extended the due date to March 15th.

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Board Meeting

Hello Shadow Brook:

As a Homeowners Association, Shadow Brook has governing documents including CCR’s, By Laws and Rules & Policies as defined by Davis-Stirling.  Over the course of time, some of the Rules and Policies have become outdated and or contain slight inconsistencies.

The ACC and Board has completed an extensive review of our Rules and Policies in order to update, clarify and provide consistency across the various documents.  As a result, modifications and additions have been proposed to previously approved and posted policies.

The purpose of this Splasher is to communicate the Draft revisions to three Rules and Policies.  Please note that the proposed changes are indicated on each document for your reference.

Next Steps

Over the next 30 days, you are encouraged to review the documents and provide feedback to the Board.  There are several ways to communicate your input to the Board:

  • Send comments to board@nullshadowbrook.org
  • Attend the next Board Meeting [Tuesday November 28, 7pm at Bret Harte Middle School]
  • Provide comment to any Board Member
  • Send written comment to: Shadow Brook Board, P.O. Box 20271 San Jose CA  95160

The Board will review all comments and discuss the proposed changes at the November Board Meeting.  The outcome of the Board Meeting will either be 1) An additional 30-day review period if significant input warrants; 2) A vote to implement the changes and enact the new Rules.


All HOA documents including financial statements, ACC Process, Rules, CCR’s etc. are on the shadowbrook.org website.

Thank you.

Shadow Brook Board of Directors

October 2017 Splasher


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To: Shadow Brook Homeowners

Fr: Shadow Brook Board

Subject: Next Board Meeting

What: November Board Meeting

When: 7 pm Tuesday November 28, 2017

Where: Bret Harte Middle School


  • Review, Discussion and Approval of modifications to existing Rules/ Policies
  • ACC Update
  • Finance Update
  • Pool Project Update
  • All Board meetings are open and homeowners are encouraged to attend.


A Message from the President:

New Pool Entry Process

Thank you to those residents that provided input, recommendations and assistance in the new process.  When implementing any change, it’s important to seek input and feedback and ensure as many issues are covered where possible.  The Board did this at the last HOA meeting and with subsequent follow up.  The Board believes the new process achieves the primary objective, which is to verify that only current Homeowners and Associate Members are entering the facility.  We are implementing the new process in two phases.

The first phase is to have the Homeowner or Associate Member provide their name to the Gate Attendant on duty.  The Gate Attendant will look up the Member in the database and ask the Member to provide their address.  The Gate Attendant will collect guest fees, if applicable, and the Member can proceed entering.  The new process eliminates the Sign-In Sheet at the window.  This phase has been in place for several weeks and feedback has been positive.

The second phase will involve issuing Membership cards.  There are two types of Membership Cards:  One [Teal in color] says Member for Homeowners and the other card [Orange in color] indicates Associate Member.  Each card, regardless of Membership, will have a unique bar code.  Once cards are tied to a Member and issued, the Member will show their card to the Gate Attendant.  The card will be scanned and the record of the Member will automatically come up in the database.

Details for Second Phase
To obtain a Membership card, each Member will need to fill out a Shadow Brook Membership Card Form.  The form can be found at the bottom of this page. We will also have forms available at the pool.  Once the form is completed and submitted, the Member will have their picture taken and associated with the record and Membership Card.

The new system will allow multiple records/pictures tied to one address.  The Membership Card itself will be one card with three additional key ring-sized cards.  Each card [for a total of four] will have the same bar code.  This will provide 4 separate ‘cards’ per household for convenience.  If a Member does not have a card for some reason, the Member will be able to provide their name and address to the Gate Attendant for confirmation.  Once confirmed, the picture will match and the Member can enter.

A few things to keep in mind

  1. This is a new process and the Board has tried to keep this as simple as possible.
  2. The database is 98%+ accurate.  We are finding some discrepancies in two areas: Renters vs Homeowners and New Homeowners where Shadow Brook was not provided updated Grant Deeds.  These are simple fixes but require the Homeowner of Record to contact the HOA.
  3. The database is comprised of Homeowners and Associate Members.  The information stored is limited to names, addresses and phone numbers and children names in many cases.
  4. A photo will be required of adult Members from each Household.  We will not take pictures of children unless they are part of a family photo.  Photos will be taken at the pool when a completed Membership Form is submitted.

The Board would like to issue as many cards as possible prior to the Memorial Day opening. Below are a few times when Cards can be obtained. Once the pool is open, cards can be obtained during normal pool hours. Receiving a card prior to our opening will help us alleviate long waiting times. Homeowners are advised to bring a completed Form to the pool to save time. The form is available to print at the link below.

Questions, recommendations and feedback are welcome.  Thank you.

Patrick Smith

  • Sunday, May 15th 3-5PM
  • Tuesday, May 17th 6:30-7:30PM

Shadow Brook Pool Membership Card Form


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