Increase in Dues

Shadow Brook Homeowners:

As discussed and approved at the December Board & Homeowner Meeting, the 2019 Dues have been increased to $500.  Invoices will be going out in early January and will be due on February 15.  Late fees will apply to any payments not postmarked by February 15.

Thank you.

Board of Directors

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Shadow Brook Homeowner’s Meeting

Date: Tuesday, December 11th
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Bret Harte Middle School
Agenda: Financial Update, 2019 Dues, Pool Update

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Shadow Brook Pool Update

On Thursday June 14, an incident occurred at the pool where two chemicals inadvertently came into contact with each other.  The result was a reaction that produced a gas cloud that was initiated in the chemical storage area.  The pool water was unaffected.  The entire pool facility has been cleared by public health to open and deemed safe.

Was the pool water affected?

No, the water in both pools was not affected.

Are there any unresolved issues or safety concerns?

No, there are no open issues or safety concerns.  All public agencies have inspected the facility and Shadow Brook is cleared for full use.

Why was the pool closed on Friday June 15?

Shadow Brook closed the pool to allow full inspection by all public agencies to ensure full safety compliance prior to reopening.

If you have further questions please feel free to email

Thank You.

Shadow Brook Board

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Board Meeting

Hello Shadow Brook:

As a Homeowners Association, Shadow Brook has governing documents including CCR’s, By Laws and Rules & Policies as defined by Davis-Stirling.  Over the course of time, some of the Rules and Policies have become outdated and or contain slight inconsistencies.

The ACC and Board has completed an extensive review of our Rules and Policies in order to update, clarify and provide consistency across the various documents.  As a result, modifications and additions have been proposed to previously approved and posted policies.

The purpose of this Splasher is to communicate the Draft revisions to three Rules and Policies.  Please note that the proposed changes are indicated on each document for your reference.

Next Steps

Over the next 30 days, you are encouraged to review the documents and provide feedback to the Board.  There are several ways to communicate your input to the Board:

  • Send comments to
  • Attend the next Board Meeting [Tuesday November 28, 7pm at Bret Harte Middle School]
  • Provide comment to any Board Member
  • Send written comment to: Shadow Brook Board, P.O. Box 20271 San Jose CA  95160

The Board will review all comments and discuss the proposed changes at the November Board Meeting.  The outcome of the Board Meeting will either be 1) An additional 30-day review period if significant input warrants; 2) A vote to implement the changes and enact the new Rules.


All HOA documents including financial statements, ACC Process, Rules, CCR’s etc. are on the website.

Thank you.

Shadow Brook Board of Directors

October 2017 Splasher


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