Fall Homeowners Meeting, Monday, November 13th

Our Fall Homeowners Meeting will take place on Monday, November 13th starting at 7:00 pm at Almaden Country Day School (Meeting Room).

Homeowner meetings are held 2 times a year, Spring and Fall, and are geared towards providing the Homeowners with important community information and an opportunity to provide feedback to the board.

It would be most helpful if anyone expecting to attend the Fall Meeting could let us know by sending an email to president@nullshadowbrook.org New tab. We are planning for a maximum of 100 attendees. But we can accommodate more, and it will be much easier to set the room up if we have a good idea of how many Members plan to attend.

I personally want to thank ACDS for allowing us to hold our meeting in their gym. They have asked us to strictly enforce their policy against any food, gum, or drinks inside the new building; the drink prohibition includes no coffee, so water is the only drink that is OK.

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